Admark Herbal owes it to the great discoverer and considers this website incomplete without honoring and acknowledging the author and his knowledge is portrayed in brief to do justice to this wonder cure for the suffering diabetics.

Eldest among six brothers and three sisters Jethabhai was born on the 21st day of June 1956 at Dhoraji. During secondary schooling, he suffered from stones in his kidney. In his teens, he was operated several times to remove the stones from his kidney. Ill health inhibited his education. So he decided to do something for mankind, especially to eliminate life-threatening diseases. With a view to serve the society he, along with his family members, entered the business of manufacturing medicines in the year 1981. After sometime he began to grow weary of the routine of drug manufacturing. He began to form very clear concepts in his mind to serve the human being.

He started a quest for a person who could guide him. And after great effort and hardship, he found a saint. He was an extraordinary person. Here in Gujarat we call such type of people ALGARI in the local jargon. Jethabhai, promptly became a disciple of this saint. He learned a great deal of things from him, among them the secrets of YOGA.

From him, Jethabhai learned how to capture the signals from the universe and the way to analyse the same for different purposes — the secrets of universe and the purpose behind creation of universe, the ultimate force — which we call as GOD, and various spiritual processes, etc.

Now after a period of 10 years, Jethabhai is himself considered as ALGARI He is spiritually and mentally very strong, steadfast and tenacious. He can acquire any kind of knowledge and information within a short time. He possesses knowledge of each and every science -Medical, Astronomy, Occult,Parapsychology, God, Life and death, Life after death, Rebirth.

Mr. Jethabhai’s Ideas About the Universe

Mr. Jethabhai chief researcher and formulator at Admark Herbal Limited has learned much about nature’s amazing powers of creation and annihilation.

Which comes first, is it the seed or the tree? Is it the egg or hen?

In answering these cryptic questions, Mr. Jethabhai avers that it was the tree and then the seed, and it was hen and then the egg he added that any tiny insect like ant to any other living organism like birds, animals, human and even giants like. Dinosaur can be created from genes of a simple bacteria.

Mr.Jethabhai holds that any gene (DNA) is capable of mutation for about 8,400,000 times on its own. A gene has about 360,000,000 +ve male code and same number of -ve female codes. This is known as Double Helix.

Positive groups’ first code produces a special chemical by joining the 1st code of negative code, is called a new creation, this is known as J.P.C.

Again positive group 1st code joins with 2nd code of negative group which produces special chemicals (amino acids). This is known as second J.P.C. Similarly 1st code of the positive group can form J.P.C. with 360,000,000 codes of negative group. Hence, we can say 1st code of the positive groups can form different functions with 360,000,000 codes of negative groups forming as many number of amino acids and proteins.

Further Mr. Jethabhai tells that the genesis of Nature itself is a big amazement. Nature has produced the whole universe and all living organisms from a single cell ( stationary and/or mobile). The cells contain protons, neutrons, electrons and living organisms synthesising to form Genes.

Nature produced a single cell in the beginning from which protons (positive) were made then the neutrons then electrons which in turn produced living organisms.Protons, Neutrons, electrons these three are Hydrogen atoms and protons, neutrons, electrons and living organisms combine to form Genes.

” I would like to keep the entity from which nature has produced protons, neutrons, electrons and living organisms a secret, because it is the true cause for whole creation.”

In short Mr. Jethabhai tells us that if modern chemistry and biology is understood this whole process will be further simplified in our understanding.

E.g., a thing is formed by bonding with some specific atom or material. Hydrogen atom is formed of 1 proton, 1 neutron and 1 electron. Helium atom is formed of 2 protons, 2 neutrons, 2 electrons, like wise Boron, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon and Neon gas and all other gases are formed by joining of some specific number of protons, neutrons and electrons.

For e. g: Iron

Iron is formed by 26 protons, 30 neutrons and 26 electrons; copper with 29 protons, 34 neutrons and 29 electrons; silver with 47 protons, 51 neutrons and 47 electrons; gold with 79 protons, 119 neutrons and 79 electrons; mercury with 80 protons, 120 neutrons and 80 electrons. Similarly every static or movable thing is formed with protons, electrons and neutrons only.

The bonding of proton, neutron and electron is formed by a special process called cyclotron theory. They are lifeless till they are bonded according to this theory. Life means motion, volition, and regulation of movement. The bonding of protons, neutrons and electrons forms an atom (genes, DNA). This theory is known as nucleus theory.

Nucleus is core of any living cell, whereas protons, neutrons and electrons form the core of nucleus. Positive neutrons join to form any living being. Hence they take the form of genes, thus generating life. Living organisms are like camphorous effulgence (mega form of light). It can travel billion times faster than the light.

Living cell core contains a mega “black box”, which holds information on the formation of universe with precise details. On the basis of this data, protons, neutrons and electrons get further modified and form Genes (DNA) and life from living insects, animals, and birds etc. to the human being. These details determine the advantage or disadvantage in the lifetime of the created form.

Mr. Jethabhai expounds that this process of natural transformation occurs continually, each and every second.

He further stresses that creation and annihilation are cyclic, i.e. after every death there is some form of new life. Creation and disintegration is a simple process. Hence nothing is really destroyed in this universe; it only gets transformed to some other form.

That which I have explained is like a single drop from the ocean, transformed into vapour, nay, rather it is even less than a particle of that vapour. I have mentioned whatever I knew by the grace of Almighty. I am but a humble human being, limited in knowledge. A detailed description of the genesis from the atom to the vegetation, from the microorganism to mankind beggars description!

Important Note: Mr. Jethabhai states emphatically that his purpose is not to challenge anyone or any theory; but is willing to prove and demonstrate his ideas. If renowned scientists invite him to prove his claims, he can successfully create living organisms (Kind of experiment which does not create much disturbances in nature) in their full form by transforming of DNA of simple bacteria or herbage, in their own labs and by their own hands.

He further informs that this isn’t any magic nor is he any god — but in spite of the baffling theory of creation, man, armed with this knowledge, can initiate, to various degrees of success, the process of creation and destruction.