Diabetes Treatment to Cure Diabetes

Admark Herbals Limited evolved over nine years to become a leading manufacturer of pure and wholesome Ayurvedic medicines to cure diabetes. Because of the natural origin and less side effects of the Dia-care herbal powder provided by us, it is gaining popularity amongst people suffering from diabetes. Despite of implementing the latest machinery and processing equipment while manufacturing the herbal medicine for diabetes, every formula begins in the mortar ground with a pestle, in the bhasma (calcining) cauldrons, and originates from the Shastras or ancient tomes of Charaka, Vaghbhatta and other great masters of universal medicine.

Random testing and inspection are conducted on a regular basis to ensure product quality and product consistency. We make sure that the raw materials are sourced from the best plantations, which are found on the slopes of the Himalayas and various forests of India. All specifications and measures are meticulously and strictly followed at various stages of production. Our blend of modern and traditional scientific techniques has given an international popularity to the Dia-care herbal powder provided by us.

Our Dia-care herbal powder is an excellent blend of the modern as well as the traditional well tried manufacturing technique. We believe in providing best quality her bal medicines and so great care is taken while manufacturing using our decades of experience and extensive research and development activities. All the active ingredients meet the standardized specifications, are rigidly implemented and chosen with care to ensure proper treatment of the disease. Our scientific approach to product formulation ensures manufacturing of diabetes herbal medicine. We make sure that rigorous approach to the quality control is pursued for the finished product.


Dr. L.P. Ganatra (M.D.)

Physician and Cardiologist Ex. Physician-Jaslok Hospital (Mumbai)

Dr. Ganatra Hospital, Dhebarbhai Road,Rajkot-1.

“I have used Dia-Care herbal powder on a large number of patients newly detected as well as in those who are on oral hypoglycemic agents and/or insulin. Clinical response in tewrms of good glycemic control and reduction of dosage of oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin was quite satisfactory. Newly diagnosed, especially obese patients responded very well.”

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